David grew up with vineyards on his family property and combined with Carolyn’s background in science, we have over the past 16 years developed and managed our own vineyard. In this time our focus was constantly on improving the management of our vines and understanding how they grow best in the soils and climate. The small parcels of grapes for our Landaire wines are carefully selected from our Glendon vineyard in Padthaway and the winemaking continues the attention to detail.

Landaire symbolises the importance of both the 'land' and 'air' to the environment in which we grow our vines and ultimately our wine.

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Landaire and the elements which make it unique.

About Our Property

Situated in the Limestone Coast with its west facing coastline, our climate is moderated by this maritime influence. Best described as a Mediterranean climate, days during ripening are warm and dry, and the nights cool.

Beneath our soils the ancient limestone deposits are a constant reminder of the sea that once covered this land. Our soils vary from red loam (terra rossa) to a more sandy loam over limestone. The depth to the limestone deposit dictates the depth of our soil which is commonly less than 50cm. Each block of vines receives different attention dependent on the soil type and depth, the grape variety and the row orientation.

Our first blocks of Shiraz and Cabernet were planted in 1997. Now we have a number of different blocks and varieties including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Vermentino and Pinot Gris. With each vintage and season we learn something new about our vineyard and the varieties we grow and look to continually improve what we do. Landaire wines are all from small parcels of hand selected fruit that showcase the best of what we do in the vineyard.